Recruit 121 is a specialist SAP recruitment provider and an authorised SAP Education Partner. We attract and introduce the most talented SAP professionals to leading organisations internationally, whilst operating in a friendly, highly ethical and totally transparent environment.

Our expertise, experience and unique approach means we’re a trusted recruitment and training partner to thousands of businesses across the world.


The recruitment industry has earned itself a bad reputation.

Recruiters have earned the reputation that any relationship with clients and candidates is simply about how they can make money.


But we understand that these days it’s not enough to just say you’re different, so we’ve developed our brand values into a manifesto to show how we’ve removed the cloak and dagger nature of recruitment.

Transparency leads to trust

Price is a critical component of purchasing, but negotiating a low margin does not always mean you’re getting a better deal. It’s not uncommon in the industry to inflate the candidate pay rate to improve the cash value of a low margin. So, you may have negotiated a good margin, but the actual charge rate could be way above market average.

At Recruit 121 we price according to the factors that affect our ability to be successful. Where we can be successful more easily, then we can offer significantly reduced fees. Most importantly, we are transparent with both candidate pay rates and client charge rates. Nothing is hidden!

Service over sales

We’re committed to delivering specialised recruitment services to an engaged audience at a price point that reflects where our services add value.

Do what’s right

We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all that we do. We believe that honesty and integrity engender trust, which is the cornerstone of our business. We operate with stringent and methodical internal procedures which evaluate compliancy under every engagement.

Partnerships make you better

Partnering with candidates, clients, SAP, suppliers and other companies makes you stronger and positions you for success. Working with Recruit 121 means working collaboratively.

Perform with excellence

We understand the importance of our role in finding great careers and talent within the SAP world and the trust our customers place in us. With this in mind, we strive to excel in every aspect of our business and approach every challenge with a determination to succeed.

You can never know enough…

…but, the more we know, the better we operate. This means we ask a lot of questions up front. We actively listen and effectively question to ensure we uphold the good reputation of our customers, and provide only highly suitable candidates.